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Jennifer Lopez Before And After Rhinoplasty
Jennifer Lopez Before And After Rhinoplasty showcases the worst of terrible celebrity plastic surgery. The site can be found at

Here are just a few comments about the site:

“The first time I came across this site I spent ages looking through all the photos in open-mouthed amazement.”

“I think a lot of women would enjoy looking at this site as it has the gossipy lure of ‘Heat’ magazine but much
more so, because instead of bad clothing and sweat marks this website points out their awful new facial features,
too tight eye-lift or lopsided boob jobs.”

One mission of is comedy. The site loves making people laugh.

Furthermore, also increases awareness about the risks of plastic surgery.

“I think it is important that people realize that plastic surgery can be botched. The website has been used as a resource for people suffering from botched plastic surgery.”

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About debuted in October 2003. Since then, the site has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and many other stellar publications. For more information, please email Brea at

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the best and worst of celebrity plastic surgery