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Is That Loretta Swit or a weird kabuki mask?

Since when did the lovely Loretta Swit from the tv show ‘Mash’ become a kabuki like caricature of herself? See these photos. Au Natural – she was almost 40 when this photo was taken Is that a balding top scalp I spy? Why yes it is! Also notice her thin lips. No more hair on [...]

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Chris Noth and his under eye bags

Chris Noth has really huge under eye bags; seriously, according to a makeup artist who worked on ‘Sex and the City ‘, they are so large you could get lost in them. Weirdly enough, Chris has not jumped on the celebrity plastic surgery bandwagon although he definitely could use an eye job; lets give him [...]

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Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is the world’s scariest celebrity. She’s not really even a celebrity, just the jilted wife of a really rich guy; after seeing her photos it is easy to figure out why her husband dumped her. She’s scary looking. She started out normal looking. Then she started getting work done. I have no idea [...]

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Lil Kim's Bad Boob Job

Lil Kim is another celebrity with a bad boob job. People with tons of money really have to excuse to show off such shoddy workmanship. What drug is she on that she thinks that no one will notice the grand canyon between her massively fake looking breasts? The worst part is that you can actually [...]

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Mickey Rourke Added By Popular Demand

By popular demand, I present one of the scariest celebrity plastic surgery victims of all time, Mickey Rourke. Where the wheels fell off on his film career, no one knows, but by the early 90′s Mickey’s face started to morph into something frightening. Gone were his once pretty looks. In their place was a man [...]

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More Meg Ryan

Yet another photo illustration of Meg Ryan’s yucky plastic surgery. Wouldn’t you rather have a few wrinkles than look like your face was made of plastic? Her lips are awful.

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How Did You Get Here

My site is getting a lot of visitors who are entering by typing in the name of the site in their browsers. Are you hearing about my site on the radio or in print? Email me, click here.

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Axl Rose's Hair

Axl Rose was a recipient of the Mayer/Fleming flap, numerous hair plugs and at various times, a frontal piece/crown piece. Unfortunately, none of these techniques worked and he still covers his head most of the time.

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Meg Ryan Aka Trout Lips

BEFORE AFTER Meg Ryan has really gone overboard with lip collagen. Recently at the Toronto Film Festival, Meg showed up with trout lips, see the after photo. Scary, isn’t it? I think she has also had cheek implants, her face looks rounder in the second photo.

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Ben Bratt Before and After Rhinoplasty

Benjamin Bratt, formerly of Law and Order, used to have a wider nose. Notice Photo 1 (before) and Photo 2 (after). Ben Before Ben After

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