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Why Does Ellen Degeneres Look So Different?

Ellen Degeneres is looking different lately. Could it be because she had a brow lift, laser peel, neck lift and lots and lots of botox. If you saw any of her promos for her HBO special in the early summer, one of her eyes was barely open and her face was swollen.

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By popular demand, its's Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore is this week’s recipient of ‘Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery’. Her name tops the list of names sent in by web surfers for bad celebrity plastic surgery suggestions. Like many people in Hollywood, Mary Tyler Moore has tried to hang on to her youth by any means necessary with somewhat distastrous results. She [...]

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Burt Reynolds – No, he's not Asian, he's got a bad face lift

Burt Reynolds has one of the worst face lifts in the history of Hollywood. His face is stretched so tight that he looks Asian (no, that’s not racial slur); Burt is after all a white guy. Plastic surgery is supposed to enhance your looks not change your ethnicity! SEE A SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON OF [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle – Duck Lips Aren’t Sexy

Prior to her collagen lips, Lara Flynn Boyle was a pretty girl. However, in a place as superficial as Hollywood, its not enough to be pretty; you must look perfect and that often leads people in the wrong direction. In Lara’s case, it lead her to believe that she needed collagen in her lips for [...]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Look

Arnold Schwarzenegger has transformed his looks over the years to fit Hollywood’s expectations of what a leading man should look like. The jutting jaw of his early days in the US is gone and has been replaced by a chiseled, more handsome jawline. 1977 2003 Arnold first had plastic surgery in the 80s; the second [...]

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Becoming JLO

First she had a lotta lip and a lotta nose, now she’s gotta little. Jennifer Lopez has had subtle refinements to her appearance, she’s had her lips thinned and a nose job. See the photos in a side by side format, click here. Added 10/16/2003: Here’s another photo gallery showing off JLo’s Then and Now [...]

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Is it Marie Osmond or Cruella Deville

Aliens Kidnapped Marie Osmond and Stretched Her Face Marie, you used to be so pretty. Time was marching on, but it wasn’t marching across your face! Why did you let them butcher your beauty? The idea of you spending the rest of your life with that weird ‘surprised’ look on your face kills me. Please [...]

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Al Pacino's Brow Lift

In 1995, Al Pacino had a brow lift and face lift; his eyes are much less deep set now and his facial skin is much tighter. In addition, he had his beak shaved. I think he lost alot of his charm after the surgery. 1990 1996

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Priscilla Presley and Her Chipmunk Cheeks

Once sleek faced Priscilla Presley has become quite the chipmunk face. Her cheeks are bulging. This photo timeline reflects her descent into plastic surgery insanitity. SEE A LARGE SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON Early 1980s Late 80s 2003

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Don Johnson and His Different Noses

Actor Don Johnson has worn a variety of different noses throughout his life. Click here for a side by side comparison.

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