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Halle Berry's Nose Job

Somehow, I don’t think she would have been modeling for Revlon with her wider circa 1986 nose. Her new nose is less wide and has a more defined at the tip. 1986 1997

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Linda Evans

Former Dynasty babe, Linda Evans, is not aging gracefully. With all her recent face work, it is obvious that she’s fighting it tooth and nail. She’s had lip collagen and her skin looks red from a botched chemical peel. It also looks like she’s had cheek implants. 1988 2001

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Leslie Ash

UK tv star, Leslie Ash, has an arrestingly bad case of trout pout. She is also the recepient of an alarmingly bad face lift, she is unrecognizable from her late 80′s, early 90′s incarnation. Below are her before and after face lift photos. BEFORE TIGHT FACE Her upper lip is scary!

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Courtney Love

By popular demand, I’d like to present the new Courtney Love. Recently, readers have been emailing me and requesting that she be added because her new look is so scary. Courtney has pumped her lips full of collagen. She’s always had a distinctive appearance, but now, I think she’s gone overboard. 1995 2003 Here’s Courtney [...]

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the scariest looking celebrities in the world. His transformation from a cute black kid to a pale ghost like creature is legendary. Anomalies Unlimited offers an excellent sketch of Michael’s strange metamorphasis. Michael’s at Anomalies-Unlimited 1973 1993

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Jessica Biel: Lip Collagen Overload

‘Seventh Heaven’ cutie Jessica Biel is guilty of collagen overload. When I first saw her, I thought,’Gee, she has big lips for a white girl.’ But after cruising the web, I came upon the photo of Jessica on the left. Her real lips are thin and the puffy, bee stung look on the right is [...]

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More of Sarah Jessica Parker's Great Nose Job

There’s been some discussion that Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t have a nose job. Well, here are nose photos that show her old 1994 nose and her new 2001 nose, which is much slimmer. She’s had work on the bridge. 1994 2001

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Ken Baker Mentions The Site on Howard Stern

Journalist Ken Baker appeared on the Howard Stern radio show today discussing plastic surgery. He mentioned his site Ken and my site, Kudos to you Ken.

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From Sexy To Suprised: The Patrick Swayze Story

Patrick Swayze recently seems to have a constantly ‘suprised’ look on his face. For celebrity watchers, that only means one thing – he had a face lift. See the photos below. Closer inspection will also reveal that he had a nose job too. 1987 2002

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Britney Spears' Button Nose

Britney Spears’ button nose has definitely changed over the past 4 years into something much more contoured. Click here for a side by side comparison. Yes! This is the old Britney Spears!

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