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Even Former Beauty Queens Are Insecure

Kelli Mc Carty was Miss USA in 1990. For the past decade, she’s been a struggling actress. Finally, two years ago, she joined the cast of the soap, ‘Passions’, on NBC and boy, did she look different. Her lips were plumped with lip collagen to Lisa Rinna proportions and she was also sporting some very [...]

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Kate Bosworth

Blue Crush star (and Orlando Bloom girlfriend), Kate Bosworth, has made some barely perceptible changes to her nose in the past year. Her nose used to be much rounder and snub. Now, her profile is stronger and her nose tip is more defined. A litte rhinoplasty can always make the pretty look prettier. 2002 2003 [...]

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Christina Aguilera's Implants

Early 1999 2001 As you can tell from the photos, we’ve watched Christina Aguilera (Burlesque) grow up in more ways than one. Her boobs have gone from small and perky, to big and pendulous (her implants are too low on her chest). Bad bad breast implants! According to one fan, “Christina Aguilera is the grossest [...]

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Catherine Zeta Jones

Early 1990s 2000s I will only say,”Gee, she looks different, doesn’t she?”, since she is so litigious. Link Catherine Zeta Jones @ Amazon

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