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Did John Kerry Get Botox

The Drudge Report claims that John Kerry has gotten botox? Did he? You decide. I think his face looks less furrowed than usual especially on the sides and his eye area looks more perky. The tired Capitol Hill looks seems to be gone.

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Collagen Victim Leslie Ash

Collagen lip victim, Leslie Ash, feels that she deserves the same sympathy given to someone who loses a limb in an accident. Read more at the BBC website. Read what fans have to say about Leslie’s lips. One fan says, “Comparing her own fucked up vainity induced surgery to Heather Mills accident shows how deluded [...]

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Olivia 'First Wives Club' Goldsmith dies after face lift

Olivia Goldsmith, best selling author of the popular comic novel First Wive’s Club, has died aged 54 after complications following a facelift. Click here to read more.

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Donald Trump's Huge Combover

Donald Trump has the largest combover in the history of modern man. Allegedly, he had a scalp reduction several years ago to get rid of a bald spot and currently tries to cover the thin parts of his hair by using the ‘combover’ technique. While it does work to hide the thin areas, it looks [...]

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Older Celebs?

Imagine all your favorite celebrities getting older. Here’s what someone created with Photoshop.

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Remember: No One Is Perfect

As much as Hollywood would like us to believe, no one is perfect. Celebs don’t go in front of the camera without facing an artillery of hair, makeup, and clothing people so that they look perfect. Now, let’s see celebs without makeup at Ebaumsworld.

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