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It's Chris and Sarah by a nose!

Sex and the City castmates, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth, both have something in common. Both have had rhinoplasty. Sarah has had her bridge worked on and her profile is different. Chris also has a smaller bridge (notice how his nostrils are now a different shape as a result); he should have left his [...]

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What's wrong with Farrah's nose?

What’s wrong with Farrah’s nose? It’s called ‘alar retraction’ and happens when too much cartilage is resected from the area.

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The New Bride of Wildenstein Is Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett is looking to unseat Jocelyn Wildenstein as the scariest celebrity alive. Apparently, Farrah has gone in for new nips and tucks and it did not turn out very well. Her nose is lopsided and her eyes are now cat-like (very tilted up at the corners). I personally think that whoever did this surgery [...]

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George Bush

Did George Bush have a nose job? It looks like he might have had his nose tweaked, see this site for evidence. His new nose looks very obvious; it has that ‘plastic surgery’ look. I will be following up on this story in the next few days!

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Mandy Moore's New Nostrils

Does anyone in Hollywood have their original body parts? Mandy Moore is not even 20 years old but already her nose has been knifed. Look at how her nostrils appear smaller in more recent photos. Overall, it appears to be nice work.

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Sally Kellerman's Hands

Sally Kellerman is 68 years old. It doesn’t show much in her face, but unfortunately, her hands tell everything. The moral of the story is to peel your hands when you peel your face!

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Catherine Bosley

Catherine Bosley is a Youngstown news anchor fired for flashing in bar. Read more here. Photos recently surfaced on the Internet and her superiors saw them. I have no idea of why this woman thought that participating in a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ contest at a bar while on vacation in Florida would be a good [...]

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