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Is that drag queen really Beverly Johnson?

No need to adjust your computer screens, the creature on the right is indeed Beverly Johnson after some wickedly bad plastic surgery. What did she have done? Her once pretty almond eyes have been lifted. She’s also had some sort of cheek implant; her face has a much more square look, as opposed her face’s [...]

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The Ugliest Breasts In Hollywood

Pretty hair, pretty makeup, pretty dress, and ugly stretch marks on your chest from a bad boob job. Kate Beckinsale wins ‘The Ugliest Breasts In Hollywood Award’. Those stretch marks on her breasts are pretty horrendous. There’s not much of a natural hang or sag to them, the pair sit up too high on her [...]

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Courtney Love's Scary Rippled Boobs

Courtney Love is back on the rampage. Before she was arrested this week, she went to Wendy’s where she flashed patrons. This photo is an outtake from her ‘excursion’ and you can see that her implants have become so hard that they have made ripples in her skin. All together now, let’s yell ‘Ew, yuck, [...]

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Catherine Bosley Sues

Catherine Bosley (see our coverage of her), the newscaster with the hideous breast implants who was fired for flashing in a wet t-shirt contest, has decided to sue to prevent websites from selling the video from the flashing contest. The Tribune Chronicle has the rest of the story.

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Woman Dies After Plastic Surgery

A Pretoria doctor on Monday pleaded not guilty to a charge of culpable homicide related to the death of a patient of his after a liposuction operation. Read more here. Caveat emptor.

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Ouch, My Face Is Too Tight

Carol Ketover recently discovered a video camera in a Bloomingdales dressing room. She was horrified that the camera caught her bare bottom on film. However, the most interesting part of the story is her hideously pulled taught face! She’s 60 years old and there’s nothing wrong with having a few lines. Her face looks like [...]

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