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Did Jessica Simpson Get Breast Implants?

Did Jessica Simpson get breast implants? Her breasts look round and hard lately. Here are recent photos: She got them fairly recently, after getting a breast lift about a year and a half ago. My suggestion is that she not wear any outfits that put pressure on her breasts because it makes them look fake.

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Rocco Dispirito

Has anyone else noticed that Rocco Dispirito suddenly looks ‘different’. I saw him on TV and was horrified at the ‘new’ Rocco. It looks like he may have had a mini face lift and maybe an eye job. I’m not sure, but he looks weird now, which is probably why his girlfriend dumped him. Is [...]

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Glen Campbell Denies Nose Job

Glen Campbell denies having a nose job. Liar!! The camera doesn’t lie!

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Lil Kim Has Lip Collagen

A resourceful reader of the site also noted another change to Lil Kim’s much surgeried visage. She’s had either lip collagen or an upper lip implant. Her upper lip seems to have ‘grown’. Her old lips were prettier.

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Kylie Stop With The Botox

Kylie, put down the botox, your skin looks tighter than a drum. Look at the photo on the far right, she’s talking animatedly and her forehead is totally smooth.

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Lil Kim Looks Like A Gremlin

Lil Kim looks a bit like a Gremlin!

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Lil Kim Gets The Michael Jackson Look

It looks like Lil Kim wants the lighter and whiter Michael Jackson look. She’s brightened her skin so much, her forehead has the slightest of pink tones to it. She’s definitely starting to look like Michael Jackson. Here’s what Lil Kim looked like before she had anything altered. She looks quite different currently.

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Glen Campbell

Rhinestone cowboy, Glen Campbell , has gotten into the plastic game in his golden years. He’s gone from a button nose to a fake looking long nose. Look at how they built up his bridge!

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