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Tara Reid's New Breasts

Tara Reid is sporting a pair of new breasts. Her new ‘friends’ fall into the category of awful because they are so obvious. Tara didn’t opt for a modest breast augmentation, instead she went for the porn star look. Bad choice.

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From Hot Drag Queen To Dried Up Old Dowager

What happens when a pretty drag queen gets old? In the case of Marilyn (former best friend of 80′s singer Boy George), he got plastic surgery which turned out pretty badly. For some reason, he decided to ruin a perfectly nice nose by adding an odd implant at the end. The bridge of his nose [...]

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Janice Dickinson has a recent photo of 70′s supermodel, Janice Dickinson, taken without all the lights and greased lenses used on ‘America’s Top Model’ (a reality tv show where she is a judge). As you can see from the photo, the added on camera effects hide alot of awful plastic surgery.

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Lance Bass – Another Look

Another before and after look at Lance Bass..

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Lance Bass Gets Girly

An observant reader sent us this photo of Nsync singer, Lance Bass, who has acquired a girly new nose. This is exactly the sort of rhinoplasty surgery a man does not want – now he has feminized features.

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Lindsay Does Have Implants

The new/current US Weekly shows that Lindsay Lohan did get a boob job – they show a picture from April 22, 2004 where she has very small/no breasts and then a picture from May 6, 2004 where her breasts are enormous and about 8 inches tall.

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