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Janice Dickinson

Is Janice Dickinson made of plastic?

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Bree Walker

After seeing Bree Walker on a recent Larry King Live TV appearance, one viewer remarked, ‘It looks like Loni Anderson and the Crypt Keeper had a child together’. Poor Bree’s eyes are all askew from a bad face lift.

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Jessica – Noooooo!

Oh no, beautiful Jessica Lange has fucked up her face!! Her face is so tight that she’s gone from Caucasian to Asian.

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See This Is What Drugs and Bad Plastic Surgery Do To You

Don’t use drugs and get awful plastic surgery. This is a special message brought to you by Courtney Love.

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Emanuelle Beart

Even foreign actresses, like Emanuelle Beart, get bad plastic surgery. In this case, she traded pretty, perfect lips for duck lips. Eeeeek!

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George Michael – I Don’t Want His Sex!

George Michael, like many other celebrities trying to stop the ravages of time, started having plastic surgery a few years ago. First, rhinoplasty, then a brow lift, next some botox (did anyone else notice him struggling to form an expression on the Oprah Show?). I don’t want his sex anymore, he looks like a freeek! [...]

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