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For All The Doubters

This is for the people who doubted that the girl in the first picture on this page is indeed Paris Hilton. There’s more photos from that era of her life and you’ll see that Paris today still uses the same poses. Paris’ natural eye color is indeed brown and currently, she wears blue contact lenses [...]

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Liz, lay off the lip collagen

In yet another incidence of lip collagen abuse, model Liz Hurley now has a fat upper lip. Yuck!

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Posh Spice – Big Greasy Lips

A concerned reader in the UK sent us this pic of pop star Victoria Beckham, better known as Posh Spice, sporting some very plump greasy looking lips. She already had naturally lush lips. I swear, lip collagen abuse should be illegal.

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Farrah Fawcett Busted Again

Here’s the latest installment in the Farrah Fawcett plastic surgery saga.

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Why Jen? Why?

Jennifer Aniston is sporting some very inflated looking lips this year. Lip collagen? Definitely.

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Gary Busey and his Chiclet teeth

Veneers or Chiclets? Dear Mr Busey, Veneers can be a good thing, but when they look like Chiclets (large square shaped white gum candies), they are a bad thing. Sincerely, Your Fans @

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Gwen Stefani is definitely looking more busty these days

Gwen Stefani was spotted looking mighty busty in NYC earlier this month after sporting her cute A cups at an event earlier this summer in June. Some people have suggested that its a padded bra, but since when did Gwen even have anything to put into one? My diagnosis about the sudden eruption on her [...]

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Paul Stanley of Kiss

Paul Stanley of the rock group Kiss, used to be a babe. But what has he done to his nose? Bad rhinoplasty. And his face looks stretched (smells like a bad face lift to me).

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Teenage Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton As a brown eyed teen with dirty blonde hair, Paris Hilton looked forward to the day she could bleach her hair bright blonde, buy blue contacts, get plastic surgery, and make amateur porn tapes. Then, she would be a star. Also, here’s a pic of Paris’ best friend Nicole Ritchie in her younger [...]

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Capsular Contracture for Jessica Simpson?

Why does Jessica’s right boob look so rounded and hard? Could it be capsular contracture? Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue or capsule that normally forms around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant.

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