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The New Rupert Everett

By popular demand, here are before and after comparisons of actor Rupert Everett. Audiences were stunned at his new look after seeing him on ‘Ellen‘ this week. I got dozens of emails from people who do not like his brow lift. Hopefully, the surgery will settle in and he won’t look so startled. Here is [...]

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Jocelyn Wildenstein Gets A New Hair Do

Jocelyn Wildenstein, the patron saint of awful plastic surgery, has gotten a new hairdo. See a photo of it at Banterist, which also offers some plastic surgery tips.

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Brooke Burke Reports Are True

The rumors about Brooke Burke getting awful plastic surgery appear to be true. A reader saw her on an infomercial and sent this email: The Brooke Burke reports are, tragically, true. She is doing infomercials on TV, and her face is like a plastic mask now. The only part that moves is her mouth. In [...]

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Shaune Bagwell

Recently got cleavage tatoo Shaune Bagwell, the former wife of pro baseball player, Jeff Bagwell, looks like she spent some of her divorce settlement on hideously huge cheek implants. Gee, chipmunk cheeks aren’t exactly sexy. Cheek implants come in different sizes. If you decide to get them, discuss size and shape of the implants prior [...]

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The Most Requested Celebrity: Nicole Kidman

Whenever Nicole Kidman appears on an awards ceremony, my email box is filled with the question, ‘What has she done to her face?’. Judging from photos, alot. Rhinoplasty, brow lift, cheek implants, lip collagen, and lots of botox (she always seems to have problems making facial expressions and resorts to these weird gestures using her [...]

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Melanie Griffith Will Not Stop With The Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith seriously needs to stop with the lip collagen. She’s destroying the natural shape of her lips and it makes her look like Joker from the Batman movies.

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Adriana Lima – Collagen Abuser

Even pretty model, Adriana Lima, is guilty of lip collagen abuse. Her top lip looks atrocious in the second picture. Discuss here.

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Bad Experiences

Have you personally had any experience with awful plastic surgery? Send them to us at webmaster(at)Awfulplasticsurgery.com The first story we will print next week involves a patient charged for an appointment by a Dr Romano (http://www.jromano.com/) in San Francisco after being told by his receptionist that she didn’t have an appointment scheduled!!!

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Ivana Trump and her puffy top lip

Ivana Trump has come along way from being the

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Brooke Burke Got Cheek Implants?

I’ve been getting reports that model Brooke Burke has gotten possible cheek implants and brow lift surgery. What a scary thought. She’s only 33.

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