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Rick Springfield Destroys His Cupid's Bow

80s cutie Rick Springfield destroyed the adorable cupid’s bow of his top lip with collagen. Waaaah! Hate it. Lip plumping is not for men.

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Is There A Point?

Is there a point to giving Vince Neil a plastic surgery makeover? There’s no amount of surgery that can remove the after effects of drugs, sex, alcohol, loose women, bad diet, lack of sleep, and crazy lifestyle from a person’s face. That stuff is permanent! Oh well, don’t forget to watch ‘Remaking Vince Neil‘ on [...]

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How self-inflicted plastic surgery turned Italy's It girl into a 'monster

How bad does your surgery have to be to pretend to have herpes to cover it up? Pretty bad.

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Nicolette Sheridan's New Breasts

A concerned reader sent the photo above as well as this link (contains adult content, shows a topless Nicolette Sheridan), because they feel that Nicole has had breast implants. Her chest does seem to have “grown” in the past decade. She hasn’t put on weight anywhere else in her body, thats for sure. Some other [...]

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Are Ashlee's breasts fake too?

A concerned reader forwarded this photo of Ashlee Simpson standing on her head to the site. Her breasts are still perfectly rounded even though she’s upside down…. hmmm, how odd.

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Separated At Birth?

Were Courtney Love and Jocelyn Wildenstein separated at birth? They look like it!

December 4, 2004 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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