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Jordan – Britain's Most Plastic Page 3 Girl

Jordan (aka Katie Price) started off as a petite breasted model with a gorgeous face. In recent years, she’s increased her chest to giant proportions via huge fake plastic implants – she now wears an F cup. Let’s she doesn’t topple over.

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Minnie Driver

Actress Minnie Driver showed off her new breast implants with their weirdly squared off inner corners. Many viewers compared her breasts to ‘shiny round balls’.

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Tonya Mitchell

Tonya Mitchell is a teen singing artist formerly managed by Justin Timberlake’s mother. She is also the owner of some really hard round breast implants. Check them out in her swimsuit photo gallery.

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Jen Schefft's New Boobs

The Bachelorette, Jen Schefft, is looking very busty in the latest installment of the reality series. I don’t recall her having big boobs the last time around. Let’s do a comparison. Why is her boob looking round? Her boobs were smaller before! Wearing a low cut top two years ago and there was no, [...]

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Lisa Rinna Once Had Normal Lips

A resourceful reader found a photo of Lisa Rinna and her original lips. And yes, once upon a time, they were normal sized before she became a lip collagen fan.

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Lynn Whitfield

Lynn Whitfield was once a hottie (especially in ‘The Josephine Baker Story’). But what has she done to her face? Its pulled so tight now. Her eyes look totally different. Bad facelift anyone?

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