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Courtney Peldon

Courtney Peldon March 24th, 2005

Courtney Peldon, a D list Hollywood starlet who shows up at events badly dressed (she’s even been pronounced ‘Queen of Fug‘ by one popular website), also appears to have started dabbling in personal ‘enhancements’ at a young age. In her early teens, she possesed a quite bulbous beak that seemed to have shrunk at the onset of her twenties. (Note what also appears to be an unfortunate tip implant at the end of her nose.)Later, it would take on a new shape that left odd dents at either side of her bridge. See the progression below:

Courtney Peldon

Courtney Peldon

Courtney’s most recent enhancement looks like an augmented chest area. It looks like she’s gone from a small B cup to a full D which is too large and, most of all, noticeable on her frame. Going simply to the next size up would have been wiser and, best of all, almost imperceptible. But for some girls, porn star boobs seem the only way.

courtney peldon

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