Does Britney Spears Have New Breasts?


Does international superstar, Britney Spears, have new breasts? It looks like it. Remember, Britney recently returned to LA after spending four weeks in Louisiana ostensibly ‘visiting her mother’. Its now looking like she was doing much more than that. See the photos.

britney spears

britney spears
She might have gained weight recently, but this photo from two days ago shows amazing chest ‘growth’.

britney spears
No bra is worn in either photo, but in this March 22nd photo, she seems to stick out more in the front.

Britney appears larger in the chest area than she did prior to her Louisiana vacation. This is likely all old hat for her, she knows the drill. Will this set turn out different than its possible predecessors? Most likely not, she doesn’t have enough chest fat for them to look ‘real’.

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