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Britney Definitely Looks Enhanced

After being sent this new photo of Britney Spears lounging in a bikini, I couldn’t help but marvel at the massive size of her chest. On January 21 this year, it was much smaller. Now, Britney’s breasts appear enlarged. Even if she’s been gorging on food, I don’t think all the weight would go to [...]

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Does Britney Spears Have New Breasts?

Postscript: BRITNEY IS PREGNANT. OOPS, WE MESSED UP. Does international superstar, Britney Spears, have new breasts? It looks like it. Remember, Britney recently returned to LA after spending four weeks in Louisiana ostensibly ‘visiting her mother’. Its now looking like she was doing much more than that. See the photos. She might have gained weight [...]

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Courtney Peldon

Courtney Peldon, a D list Hollywood starlet who shows up at events badly dressed (she’s even been pronounced ‘Queen of Fug‘ by one popular website), also appears to have started dabbling in personal ‘enhancements’ at a young age. In her early teens, she possesed a quite bulbous beak that seemed to have shrunk at the [...]

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Dude Looks Like A LadyBoy?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is known as a sexy rocker, but lately he’s looking odd. He looked like he had on a pound of makeup when he appeared on the Grammy’s red carpet. Let’s look at his nose. Every human’s nose has some degree of asymmetry; his however appears to have increased over the past [...]

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By Popular Demand, The Jackson Family

Michael Jackson’s recent legal troubles have also brought out his family who go to court with him daily for more support. Older sister Latoya has been a regular and her latest new nose job is appalling. The first photo is not Latoya’s original nose (I couldn’t find a photo of her as a teenager.), it [...]

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Jewel: Big Implant or Overzealous Wonder Bra?

Is singer Jewel the victim of an overzealous push up bra or is that a giant breast implant attached to her bosom? You decide, look at this photo.

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