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The New Bree Walker

Last year, many wrote in about Bree Walker after seeing her on the Dr. Phil show. They were concerned about her possibly surgically altered appearance. I’m afraid they’ll be even more concerned after viewing Bree’s profile picture on the website of tv show, ‘Carnival’. She looks very odd and feline like around the eyes, as [...]

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Lindsay Lohan's Plumped Up Lips

Here’s Lindsay Lohan modeling what appears to be some seriously plumped up lips. Either that or she’s wearing some ‘amazing’ lip gloss. She looks much better without the trout pout.

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Michael Douglas Caught With Plastic Surgery Scars

Oscar winner, Michael Douglas, has been caught in public with what looks like fresh plastic surgery scars. See Notice the blood and ooze on his face. The Sun also has a story about Michael’s purported surgery.

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Mariah Carey's Barbie Boobs

Who’s breasts look more plastic? Mariah Carey‘s or Barbie’s? No one has ever bought a Mariah Carey album because of how she looks, so I don’t see the need for her obvious alteration. Her breasts look fake, like to orange halves stuffed under the skin.

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Katrina Campins Bolt Ons

When I saw ‘Apprentice’ cast off , Katrina Campins, in a popular men’s magazine wearing a low cut bra that showed off strangely round shaped breasts, I was convinced that she’d has breast augmentation surgery. Now, I know its true after receiving this photo of Katrina experiencing a wardrobe malfunction during a Florida fashion show. [...]

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