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Madchen Amick


Madchen Amick spent the early part of her career on the Hollywood fast track. She quickly landed sizeable roles in feature films and starred in the critically acclaimed tv series, ‘Twin Peaks’. Fastfoward to 2005. IMDB lists Madchen’s birth date as 1970, but judging from how she currently looks, she’s got to be much older.

An alert reader notified that Madchen had changed. Her eyes look larger than they once were and her eyebrows are higher than they once were (they’ve taken on the infamous batbrow formation). There’s a squared off look to her lower face that was not there before. Cheek implants? Maybe.

Her delicate cupid’s bow is lost in an engorged upper lip and her lower lip looks too puffy. Moreover, even her prettily pert nose looks altered. It appears somehow flattened.

In conclusion, Madchen Amick is not ugly, but has simply become yet another member of the frightening Hollywood army of the surgically altered.

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