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Lindsay's Chest Has Deflated

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s chest has deflated. She also looks much thinner and says that working out at the gym enabled her to lose all the weight. Uh, sure, Lindsay, America believes you, honey.

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Jessica Simpson again

Jessica Simpson is raking in the big bucks lately and has invested some in possibly overfilling her top upper lip wih collagen. I feel sorry for that lip, the poor thing looks like it wants to explode like an overcooked hot dog weiner.

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Madchen Amick

Madchen Amick spent the early part of her career on the Hollywood fast track. She quickly landed sizeable roles in feature films and starred in the critically acclaimed tv series, ‘Twin Peaks’. Fastfoward to 2005. IMDB lists Madchen’s birth date as 1970, but judging from how she currently looks, she’s got to be much older. [...]

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Nicolette Sheridan Gets Bashed On The QVC Boards

Nicolette Sheridan recently appeared on QVC hawking a beauty product called ‘NuGlow’. QVC watchers posted some interesting commentary about her on the QVC community boards (click here). Update: Steve Dworman, founder of NuGlow, pops up on the QVC forums to defend Nicolette. ‘LOL. Ms. Sheridan is among the queens of the Hollywood over-cosmetic surgeried. I’m [...]

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Jesse Jane Gets Dissected

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia dissects the breast implants of adult film star Jesse James. “They look like high profile implants that always seem to look foreign in thin women with little soft tissue coverage. These implants ‘stick out’ too far. It is a shame as this woman is otherwise very pretty. It seems [...]

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Fan Mail

A fan writes: Dear Webmaster, Good job spotting Natalie Portman’s streamlined nose! I was at Harvard the same time she was (though not in the same year), and would occasionally see her around campus. By the time she graduated, her nose had clearly been altered; not only were the nostrils smaller, but it was smaller [...]

May 12, 2005 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Natalie Portman?

It appears that Natalie Portman has made a trip to the doctor. Her formerly perfect nose seems to have smaller nostrils. Even someone who’s gotten most of their roles because of their appearance can be insecure.

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Claire Sweeney

UK actress, Claire Sweeney, shows off the grand canyon between her breasts during a recent performance. When the base of a patient’s unaltered breasts is not large and large breast implants are used during augmentation, the end result is typically that of halved grapefruit bolted on to the chest. Is that sexy? Nope.

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