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Busted: Marissa Miller

Should breasts stay firm and point upward when a woman lies on her back? Nooooo. Is fashion model Marissa Miller a rare exception to this rule or is there something suspicious going on in her chest area? I vote the latter.

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Salma Hayek's Post Puberty Chest Growth

Salma Hayek once had an average size chest, but now her bosoms have taken on stripper-esque proportions. Her big pair seem to be popping out of every low cut evening gown she wear and it looks tacky.

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The 2nd Scariest Man Alive

TV show Entertainment Tonight has discovered the 2nd scariest man alive (I use this phrase because Michael Jackson holds steady at the top spot.). His name is Steve Erhardt and he’s a hairdresser from Los Angeles who has spents over $250,000 on face lifts, pec implants, bicep implants (he was the first person to ever [...]

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Enlarge Your Breasts To Be A Star

I’ve already covered the fact that plastic surgery is a mandatory part of climbing up the Hollywood food chain. It seems that movie star Jessica Alba may have had an ‘enhancement’. Look at the photo of her lying on her back. Do real boobs stay round, firm, and pointy when you do that? Nooooooooo.

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Andie MacDowell's Rock Hard Boobs

Our friends over at The Superficial have noticed some rock hard fake looking breast implants on actress Andie MacDowell.

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