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Tom Delay: Awful Plastic Surgery or Bad Genetics?

What is wrong with Tom Delay’s strangely asymmetrical nostrils? (He’s the former House Majority leader.) One nostril is almost nonexistant, while the other looks normal. Sometimes, when a rhinoplasty surgery goes wrong, there can be problems with nostrils healing properly.

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Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito is frequently mentioned in emails sent to the webmaster by concerned web surfers. They feel that her nose looks like the end result of a botched rhinoplasty. In the photoset above, she is guilty of having duck lips. While there are lip products that can enhance one’s pount, Ferlito has seriously gone overboard [...]

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What happened to Richard Grieco

Actor Richard Grieco started out with the most promising of acting careers. He was hand picked to replace Johnny Depp on the Fox tv series, ’21 Jump Street’. After the series ended, he was given his own tv series, ‘Booker’. That lasted one season and after appearing in the theatrical flop, ‘Mobsters’, Grieco fell off [...]

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