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Jeremy Jackson (no, not the one from Dawson's Creek)

Remember the kid who played ‘Hobie’ on Baywatch? Jeremy Jackson has grown up and is trying to get work as an adult actor. That’s going to be hard for him since it looks like he chopped off his nose and looks like a girl.

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Lindsay Lohan's Incredible Shrinking Breasts

The mystery of Lindsay Lohan’s shrinking breasts has already been explored, but further revelations (courtsey of Lindsay’s stylist) show that not only do her breasts appear smaller, there is a small weird dent under one of her boobs (Does the other one have a dent? Maybe photos shot from the other side will surface.) Could [...]

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What's wrong with Naomi Campbell's nose?

What’s wrong with Naomi Campbell’s nose? The bridge of her nose looks more prominent than it did before and her nostrils appear to have changed shape.

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