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Another Hollywood Trout Pout Victim

Yet another Hollywood actress has fallen victim to trout pout, i.e. too much lip collagen. Move over Jessica Simpson, meet Nikki Cox of the TV show, Vegas. Click here.

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Sarah Ferguson Has Bat Brow

Sarah Ferguson, although never as stunning as Princess Diana, always had a certain charm about her. Recently, she’s been spotted looking very ‘startled’; her eyebrows appear to be permanently raised. I received several emails from surfer frightened by Sarah’s new look. Just a while ago, she was also seen with a very swollen looking upper [...]

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Christina Aguilera's Lips

Why does Christina Aguilera’s (Burlesque) top lip look so inflated? Did she use a lip plumper or something more ‘artificial’. Her upper lip looks grossly blown up. Larger lips do not look good on everyone.

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Catherine Zeta Jones

The Daily Mail writes,”For centuries, mankind has been searching for the secret of eternal youth. Now Catherine Zeta Jones seems to have found it. At the premiere of her latest film, the 36-year-old actress looked remarkably fresh-faced – especially compared with her appearance at a similar red carpet event some seven years ago. ” Read [...]

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