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Trout Pout for Victoria Silverstedt

Victoria Silverstedt, 1997 Playmate of the Year, is an apparent victim of trout pout. Her upper lip looks huge compared to how it looked just a few years ago. Did she need larger lips? No, she was already extremely attractive. Enhancing the size of one’s lips to the extreme is not a good idea.

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Why do Paris and Her Mother Share Plastic Surgeon

Why do Paris Hilton and her mother, Kathy Hilton, share the same plastic surgeon? Does an altered nose given to a 40-something woman look good on a teen? Noooooo!!!

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Katie Couric

Its been brought to our attention that viewers of ‘The Today Show’ are disturbed by Katie Couric’s face. Here are some excerpts of emails received: Frighteningly bad plastic surgery[ies?] … Please stop. Or is it just the make-up & lighting, etc.? As a man, I feel pity for Katie Couric Does it all start with [...]

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