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Rob Lowe: Oh My Face Is Too Tight

Oh no, Rob Lowe’s face looks too tight. I wonder if it hurts for him to smile? I don’t think his trimmed down nostrils are a facial asset, they take away from the softness of his face. There’s nothing wrong with aging, but your skin should not look so tight that you continually appear that [...]

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Ivanka Trump's Breast Migrates

An alert reader notified us that Ivanka Trump’s right breast is migrating towards her armpit. What sort of disorder might cause this affliction? Badly placed breast implants, a chest tumor gone wild, what is going on? The nice thing is that Ivanka has enough money to thoroughly investigate this strange phenomenon happening on her chest.

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Tara Reid Gets Fixed

Tara Reid has been hitting the media world hard about how she’s gotten her botched breast augmentation and lumpy lipo fixed, but where are the after photos? I heard that her surgery was in August, so its time for some post surgery photos. I do feel sorry for Tara Reid, but the only reason people [...]

November 2, 2006 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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