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Amanda Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein Together!!

Slant Magazine somehow found a photo of the two biggest plastic surgery addicts ever, Amanda Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein, posing together!! Click here to see the photo, it is simply priceless.

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No Clay, plumping your lips does not make you look more masculine

What genius in Clay Aiken’s entourage decided that plumper lips would make him look more masculine? Whomever they are, they should be fired. Clay looked more manly when he started out than he does now. The shag haircut, the glass, heavy layer of foundation, and plumped up lips make him look like someone testing the [...]

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Courtney Love Heads for Jocelyn Wildenstein Land

Courtney Love appears to be eagerly heading towards Jocelyn Wildenstein territory (click here to see photos of her and do not eat before or else you’ll be sorry!). Ok, Courtney, I thought we had already worked it out that ‘plump’ lips do not look good on you. Stop it now! Lip collagen is no substitute [...]

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What happened to Anna Nicole Smith?

What exactly is going on with Anna Nicole Smith’s face? In 2004, she looked like the Playmate we all know and love, but by 2005, she looked harsher. Now, in 2006, her eyes look totally different, like they have been stretched by the sides.

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