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Jessica Simpson's Bad Hair Weave

Move over Britney, Jessica Simpson is taking the top position for bad hair weaves. Many have noticed that her hair is ratty looking now that she is hanging out with singer John Mayer. On closer inspection, it appears that the fake hair does not match Jessica real hair, so it looks very weird up close. [...]

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Separated at birth?

Separated at birth? Lol, I think not, but Bree’s puffed up kisser, highly arched up brows, and pulled back hairline give her a remarkable resemblance to the transgendered Alexis Arquette. It looks like Bree’s doctor yanked her hairline back too far. Or is she wearing a wig? Who knows?

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Worst Plumped Lips Ever

Nicole Kidman This is almost as bad as Michael Jackson when he started on his odyssey to make his large wide nose into something smaller, only in this case, its someone trying DESPERATELY for larger lips. Imagine saying to the doctor,”I don’t care if I have naturally thin lips, darn it, just inject me anyway, [...]

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Oh Mickey, You're Not Fine

Mickey Rourke Its not a good idea to wear your hair in a top knot so that hair hangs down on the sides to hide the fact that your hairline starts way behind your ears. Like that guy is the photo above. Well, it probably would have been best not to have so many overly [...]

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