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The Craziest Puffy Lips In The West

I am very baffled at the the progression in size of actress Claire Stansfield’s lips. She started out with normal sized lips, went up a size (maybe via injections or implants), and now has what I can only call ‘supersize’ lips. Maybe she went to the same plastic surgeon at singer Pete Burns – see [...]

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Barry Manilow Walks Through A Wind Tunnel

Barry Manilow’s face looks as if he is perpetually walking through a wind tunnel. Its looks taut and ever so slightly twisted. What are the signs of a poorly done face lift? 1. A stretched and taut, unnatural facial appearance. 2. Loss of the earlobe. (See the last photo on the right, something looks funky.)

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Why doesn't her top lip move?

If you watch Bravo TV’s ‘Real Housewives of Orange County‘, you are no doubt familiar with one of the ‘real housewives’ named Lori. Many people wonder if she used to have a cleft palate or if she’s had too much botox, because her upper lip doesn’t move. Another thought is that perhaps she’s had too [...]

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Yet Another Freaky Member Of The Jackson Family

There’s yet another freaky looking member of the Jackson family. Now, its Latoya Jackson who has ventured into ‘What the hell has she done to her face?’ territory. As if the nose (why the heck call it a nose, they look like flaps for breathing in my opinion) work wasn’t enough for La Toya, she [...]

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What did the cat lady look like before all those plastic surgeries?

Jocelyn Wildenstein What did the cat lady look like before all those plastic surgeries? Jocelyn Wildenstein was a nice, fresh faced woman before her never ending series of cosmetic procedures. She’s probably spent enough on various surgeries to pay cash for a one bedroom condo in Manhattan’s Upper East Side!

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