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Where Did Our Love Go?

After seeing some disturbing recent photos of singer Courtney Love, blogger MollyGood asks, ‘Where Did Our Love Go?‘. To me, it looks like it went under the surgeon’s knife with some horrid results. What happened to Courtney’s nose? Is that botched rhinoplasty or did she actually request that it look as such post surgery. And [...]

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Salma Hayek's Porn Boobs

Salma Hayek is known for her voluptuous figure, but I’ll bet you didn’t know her breasts were not always so large. When she was starting out, they were much smaller than they are now. She now has big porn star breasts and they are much too large for her petite frame.

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Ffion Hague Gives Herself Away

Ffion Hague, wife of British politician William Hague, gives herself away in the photo on the above right, by wearing a sheer boouse that shows off her seemingly bolted on breasts. In the before photo, her breasts are smaller and closer together. In the after photo, they look like small baseballs with a sizeable gap [...]

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Facercise Worked For Me

Many people have been shocked to find out that conservative ex-military man, Matt Sanchez, is a former ‘actor’ in adult films. One of the more humorous aspects his personality is his endorsement of ‘facercise’, which he credits on a website (click here) (complete with photos!) as ‘fixing’ his droopy eyes. I beg to differ. [...]

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