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Hunter Tylo Threatens With A Lawsuit

Almost two years ago, I commented that Hunter Tylo’s boobs had shelf-like qualities. I am now being threatened with a lawsuit due to that comment. Here is the legal letter I received today. RE: Defamation on website Relating to Hunter Tylo Dear Sir or Madam; This firm represents Hunter Tylo in litigation matters.It has [...]

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Yes, Plastic Surgery Can Make You Straight!

Imagine, you’re a sexy Latin man with a passing resemblance to Dr 90210, Dr Robert Rey, and you decide to pursue a ‘career’ in the gay porn industry. But then, your family gives you flack about doing gay porn. So, you decide to have a ton of plastic surgery to change your facial appearance and [...]

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Too Much For Peter O'Toole

Women are not the only ones who are vain. Men can be very guilty of this fault, especially in the case of veteran actor, Peter O’Toole, who appears to have gotten some super aggressive work around his eyes and nose. He looks permanently startled! I wonder if he can breathe through his very pinched nose!

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What the heck is going on with Donatella's face?

Donatella Versace is one of the world’s leading designers, but the most attention getting aspect of her career now is her constantly morphing face. In the mid 90s, she had normal sized lips. By 2000, they had blown up tremendously. What are her lips plumped with? Implants or collagen? I am not sure, but it [...]

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A Nice Fat Upper Lip For Michelle Pfeiffer

The most risky aspect of collagen injects is an allergic reaction. Sometimes, the reaction can be itching, but other times it can be swelling. Is this why Michelle Pfeiffer’s upper lip looks like a catepillar. She has always had very nice lips, especially her top lip with its tiny, delicate cupid’s bow. This is the [...]

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Britney Looks More Hideous Than You Think

Scary Lipo Scars In The AFter Photo Just when you thought that Britney Spears could not become anymore vile looking, she has to lift up her top and show off what looks like lipo suction scarring on her out of shape belly. It looks like she went to the same doctor as Tara Reid. Granted, [...]

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