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Links Round Up

Heather Locklear gets dissected at Good Plastic Surgery Heather Locklear Has Huge Boobs A New Nose For HeatherStars Up Close loathes Fergie’s Cousin Itt like hair extensions! Fergie Has A Hair Hump

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Is Rose McGowan going through a wind tunnel?

Is Rose McGowan going through a wind tunnel? That’s what her face looks like. I do not recall her being a ‘smiley’ type actress. Why all the smiles now? Is she trying to hide something? Like a botched facelift or browlift? She is far too young for either, but in entertainment industry, you never know [...]

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By popular demand, here's Christa Miller

By popular demand, here’s Christa Miller. I have been receiving emails asking,’What happened to her face?’ for about two years now. I am baffled about what happened to her face. She was pretty cute when she was on ‘The Drew Carey’ show, but now during her appearances on ‘Scrubs’, the emails I have been receiving [...]

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Reality TV Star Gets Porn Star Boobs

Heidi Montag, who lives with Lauren Conrad on the reality tv show ‘The Hills’, just got huge porn star breasts. They are quite the contrast to the petite breasts she had previously. Supposedly, Heidi is working on an album with David Foster; I guess her new iflatables will give her career a ‘lift’. In my [...]

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Stephanie Jennings had an accident

Stephanie Jennings, a witness in the Phil Spector trial, had an accident which left her face disfigured, including her nose. I have received several emails about her appearance and after some research found out about her accident. Let’s all send her positive, healing thoughts.

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Celebrity breast ripple?

A concerned reader sent in the following photos of Christina Aguilera (Burlesque) and a disturbing happening involving one of her breasts. Apparently, it had a ripple in it. Yes, a ripple! Oh, the horror. Here are some interesting facts about breast implant rippling: 1. Saline implants ripple more than silicone implants 2.Visible rippling is more [...]

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