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Amanda Lepore's Obsession With Plastic Surgery

How much surgery has Amanda Lepore had? First, she had a sex change from male to female. Then her eyes were lifted, her forehead hairline was lowered, her lips were plumped, her ribs were broken to give her a curvier shape, her rear end was implanted for more roundness, plus, she had rhinoplasty. Watch and [...]

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The Cat Lady On Video

See the Cat Lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein, walk and talk. It is very eerie how her face does not move, but rather, sound simply comes out! It estimated she has spent over 1 million dollars on plastic surgery over the years. Click here for Jocelyn’s pre-plastic surgery photos. Jocelyn is 67 years old this year.

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Sarah Jessica Tightens Up Her Brow

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s brow looks so unfurrowed lately, especially in her Garnier Nutrisse Anti-Aging commercial (obviously it is product that must work wonders!). It is quite a contrast to her more wrinkled visage during her Sex and the City days. She’s a smoker and smoking causes wrinkles. Anyway, I think her new look appears somewhat [...]

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Victoria Beckham Franken-boob

Victoria Beckham has what looks like a scary Franken-boob. A fan of the site sent me this photo of her. If the photo is undoctored, then her breast looks hard and very fake. Breast enhancements do not look good on women who do not have enough skin and tissue to adequately cover the implant. Beckham [...]

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Does Tommy Morrison have pec implants?

I was sent this tiny photo of boxer Tommy Morrison last week. The sender claimed Morrison had pec implants. Admittedly, Morrison’s chest looks odd. There are two very obvious protusions on his chest that look more like breasts than pec muscles. There is a medical condition that causes a man to have breasts. It is [...]

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Busty Brooke Hogan

I think we are all familiar with Brooke Hogan from her family’s VH1 reality tv show. Her ‘overprotective’ parents let her walk around looking like a three dollar hooker, but put a GPS system on her car when she goes out on a date with a 20-something guy. Talk about irony!! Anyway, Brooke is looking [...]

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What did Paris Hilton's original nose look like?

What did Paris Hilton’s original nose look like? Many people describe Paris Hilton’s nose as a beak. It looks very shaved down to me and I have often wondered, ‘Why?’. After happening upon a high school photo of Paris, I think I have the answer. Her old nose was not huge, but it did not [...]

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Teen dies from Plastic Surgery

Last year, a New York teen had an allergic reaction to her aneasthsia during a rhinoplasty surgery and died on the operating table. The story was presented on CNN, just watch below/

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Los Angeles Lipodissolve Doctors Needed

Are you a doctor who performs the lipodissolve procedure in Los Angeles? would like to interview you about the procedure and its costs. Contact us at webmaster ** at **

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Britney's Butt Cellullite

Courtesy of, I have posted photos of Britney Spears‘ flabby rear and front. There are rumors that she has been flying to Las Vegas to have a new fat removal technique called ‘lipodissolve’ on her thighs and knees. Look at these photos. Her back thighs and butt look riddled with cellulite, but her front [...]

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