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Jackie Stallone Up Close

For your viewing pleasure, here is Jackie Stallone up close! I remember seeing her on an infomercial for psychics about 10 years ago and she was less scary looking. You could say she looked almost normal. Now, she’s a freak. What is that weird bulge on her face? It looks like a cheek implant gone [...]

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It's Alive – Jackie Stallone Redux

The mother of superstar Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Stallone, is one of’s original ‘Scary Celebrities’. Since first appearing on the site in 2003, she has become scarier. Imagine that. Watch this video footage which shows her talking. Her lips move, but the rest of her face is completely immobile.

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Catherine Zeta has new fun bags

Some readers have noticed that actress Catherine Zeta Jones looks more busty. One blog even went so far as to say,’She has new fun bags.’ Ha ha ha.. I think they are right. I don’t remember her having such big hooters. Her chest looks like one of those implants under the chest muscle plus implants [...]

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What happened to Bret Michaels?

Bret Michaels was once a very hot guy. What happened? I’m not sure. Update! Instead of getting face lifts many people opt for facial fat grafting. The added facial fat plumps the skin for a more youthful appearance. The outcomes vary in my opinion. For some, it looks great, but for others it leaves the [...]

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Another funny celebrity plastic surgery video

We have yet another funny celebrity plastic surgery video! Who is in it? The usual suspects: Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and more!

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Weirdest Plastic Surgery Ever: Chick Gets A Dimple

This is the strangest plastic surgery request I’ve ever heard of. The woman in this video talks giddily about skiing, getting sunburned, and then going to her plastic surgeon to have a dimple created on her face. It must be seen to be believed.

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Why is Tara Reid's stomach so scary?

Why is Tara Reid’s stomach so scary? Here are the rumors circulating online 1. The skin on her stomach was burned during a botched liposuction and after healing, now has a saggy, Freddy Krugeresque texture. 2. Tara lost weight, which caused her stomach skin to sag badly. 3. A combination of the above.

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Tara Reid's stomach

I swear I did not photoshop this picture of Tara Reid on the beach. Her stomach really does look like rubber when it is in motion. Why is the skin on her stomach so very loose? Could it be liposuction that was botched? Maybe a tummy tuck would correct the problem.

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Courtney Love Has Chiclet Teeth?

Someone sent in the above photo and claims that it is singer Courtney Love. If it is her, then she’s got chiclet teeth. Chiclet teeth are veneers (tooth coverings) that look like crap. Usually, they make the wearer look ‘horsey’. Poor Courtney. She is trying too hard, obviously. She needs to stop with all the [...]

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Brooke Hogan's Boobs Look Like Pecs

I think Brooke Hogan’s boobs look like chest pecs. Why? Because they are up too high. Just take a look. If they are plastic, she needs to stay hidden until the breast implants drop and look natural. She used to be quite flat chested, but now, she is much larger in the chest area. Is [...]

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