The Red Haired Crypt Keeper

Redhaired Crypt Keeper

The Crypt Keeper is nearing 50 but shows no signs of slowing down the effort to play ‘young chick’ type roles. In her latest film, she is a frisky redhead with a hairline that starts back remarkably far on her head. Don’t be fooled by the hair near the ears, its fake.

A hairline that starts further back than usual is a tell tale sign of a face lift, especially near the ears, because that is wear the cuts are made by the plastic surgeon on the patient’s face. Also, a face lift shouldn’t leave your face looking like you’re making your way through a wind tunnel.

PS. The fish lips dom’t help either!

How Rob Estes Became A Pretty Boy


I never liked Rob Estes on the tv show ‘Silk Stalkings’. It was annoying to me that a total pretty boy (with a pretty feminine nose) was trying to play a tough guy. Anyway, someone sent me these photos of Rob Estes. The before photo was hilarious and depicts a 1980’s Rob with a slightly larger nose. Interesting! There was nothing wrong with the nose he had in the first place.

My advice to men with regarding to rhinoplasty is to use care. Making your nose too small looks feminine and unless you are a professional cross dresser, it will not be a useful look for you.

Mary Louise Parker Has No Wrinkles


Mary Louise Parker has been in the public eye for almost twenty years and she has no wrinkles. Lucky girl. She looks even more bright eyed than when she started out.

Seriously though, it is strange that a woman her age has such unlined skin. Her eyes are larger now and there is no hint of sag to them that a normal woman her age would have. Could the plastic surgery fair have been at play here? I’ll let you decide.