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Cheryl Tiegs Acquires The Spitting Image Puppet Look

An alert reader emailed us about Cheryl Tiegs’ new look. He wrote that he saw her on VH1 and that she looked like she had been facially altered. I did some research and wow, he was right. It looks like her lips and cheeks have been tampered with. Her cheeks were never so prominent before.

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No, its not a long lost member of Jackson member, its Koena Mitra

No, its not a long lost member of Jackson member, its Koena Mitra. She is Bollywood actress chasing the fame train and in the mean time, she’s chopped off her nose. Bad rhinoplasty? I think so. All that is left of her nose, is two wholes. There is no projection left to her nose. She [...]

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Why does Nicolette Sheridan have a weird dent in her chest?

Why does Nicollette Sheridan have a weird dent in her chest? What is it? Did she have symmastia and then have it repaired? Or is it something congentinal? Also, does she pay people to post flattering things about her on IMDB.com?

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My Plastic Surgery Nightmare

I was told by my doctor this was a good result – that I looked better after his surgery- what do you think? This is one woman’s journey through the bowels of plastic surgery hell!! She received an endoscopic browlift, upper & lower blepharoplasty, cheeklift and fat injections from Dr. Jonathan Sykes at UC Davis [...]

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Bad lipo happens to civilians too!!

Bad liposuction doesn’t just happen to celebrities like Tara Reid. They also happen t o regular people! Look at what happened to this poor woman. She has set up a website to document her tragedy. Click here to see more photos of her liposuction mutilation.

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Bolt ons for Ann Coulter?

Did Ann Coulter get breast implants? Look at the photo above and click on this link to a photo on her website. Her chest is sticking out majorly!! Why didn’t she spend a few bucks on her face too?

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A Breast Explant story

After suddenly experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, Raynaud’s phenomenon (it causes the blood vessels in the digits (fingers and toes) constrict (narrow), usually in response to cold temperatures and/or emotional stress), and rheumatoid arthritis over a two year period, one breast implantee realized that her mooth silicone orbs were the cause of her problems. Below is [...]

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Look at Scary Spice's Breasts Grow

Look At Them Grow!! Scary Spice’s breasts have grown tremendously since her Spice Girl days of the late 90s. Her once average since chest has sprouted porn star sized breasts that look huge (If I didn’t know she was a singer, I’d look at her and assume ‘stripper’) Its not such a bad thing, the [...]

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Christina, No!!

What is going on with Christina Applegate’s face? Her eyes look larger and definitely look ‘set’ differently in the after photo. Ever her wonky left eye appears different. Her facial skin looks smoother. Face lifts do not stop time, they merely ‘re-drape’ the skin of the face. The ‘re-drape’ can look strange until it settles [...]

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The severe looking Angelica Huston

Angelica Huston.. well, her face looks ‘tight’. She started out very normal looking; she was a cute. And then, what happened? My guess is cheek implants, a face lift, a brow lift and assorted botox injections. Anything to stay looking ‘young’, I guess.

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