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Watch A FaceLift Surgery Video

Ever wondered how facelift surgery is performed? Watch this informative video where you see a person’s face cut open and see the surgeon make adjustments to facial muscles that leave the skin tighter once the surgery is over.

Sandra Bullock Looks Waxen

The Blind Side looks waxen lately. Her face has no lines, which is strange for a woman her age (Sandra is in her early 40s). One reader wrote in to complain about Sandra’s new look, claiming that all the individuality had been removed from her face.

via TMZ
There are many ways to insert breast implants during an augmentation surgery. Various entry points are the armpits, under the breast, through the nipple, and through the navel. Jodie Sweetin (yup, that once cute girl from the tv show ‘Full House’) had hers put in through the armpit. Check out that scar on her [...]