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Jane Seymour – New Boobs?

Jane Seymour is not just dancing with the stars, she’s also possibly dancing with new boobs! Her chest looks larger. The question here is why wait until you’re a senior citizen to get breast implants? Is there a point? Its not like she can make the money back on her investment.

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The Ugliest Britney Ever!

In her long slide to the bottom, Britney has acquired fish lips. Her lips look so overinflated, they may be in danger of exploding. They don’t look pouty, instead they look like she was stung by bees.

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Chris Evert Looks Different

Chris Evert looks different as in being almost unrecognizable! Discreet nips and tucks are one thing, but getting a whole new different face is another. Look at her eyes. They look like slits. Bad idea, Chrissie, bad idea. Your face is too tight!

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Alyssa Milano: Wild On Botox

How can you tell someone is using botox? Their face takes on a lovely waxen sheen. Plus, there is no crinkling around their eyes or mouth when they smile.

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Don't Break My Heart Rikki

Rikki Lake has broken my heart. She’s traded her cute authentically ethnic nose for a badly shaved down version. Why? Her original nose was perfect! Too much was taken off original nose to try and create a cute little button nose. That in itself is the essence of bad rhinoplasty. Good rhinoplasty merely refines what [...]

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Lovely Lady Lumps For Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman appears to have acquired lovely lady lumps where there were none before! Her breasts look strange and are aligned unevenly. Did she pay for those with a coupon/ Or worse yet, did she go to the same doctor as Tara Reid? Bigger breasts are not for everyone Nicole.

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