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Beyonce's Inflated Chest

Beyonce‘s chest looks inflated! When she started out, the largest thing on her was her rear end. Now, she is spilling out of her dress (which looks quite trashy by the way, Mummy must have made it). Her breasts look enormous and Beyonce, if you look at the photo on the left, was once quite [...]

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Does Heather Mills Just Look Old Or Is She Altered?

Does former Beatles wife Heather Mills look old or surgically altered (or both?) Since she keeps every media clipping about her, I presume she’ll be adding this one to her 4,000 plus collection. I think she looks ‘altered’. Granted, she’s 39, but in the before photo, taken just five years ago, she looked younger. Her [...]

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Victims of Dr Jan Adams now have the opportunity to tell their stories on video

Victims of Dr Jan Adams now have the opportunity to tell their stories on video for a documentary on awful plastic surgeons. Email us at media ** at ** awfulplasticsurgery.com, so that we can set up a time for out videographer to record your story on video tape. This documentary will be seen around the [...]

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Two Settlements Against Dr Jan Adams

According to a California state medical website, Dr Jan Adams, who operated on Kanye West’s mother immediately prior to her death, has 2 separate and settled complaints, both back in 2001 with a month of each other, and both cases settled for amounts of $217,337 and $250,000. He has a number of unhappy patients. The [...]

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Doctor In Kayne's Mom's Death ID'd

Dr. Jan Adams is the doctor who performed a breast reduction and tummy tuck on Dr. West, the mother of rapper Kayne West. He claims that he did nothing wrong and that complications were the cause of her death. Hopefully, more information will be revealed at a later time. This very well might be the [...]

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Kelly Rowland Has Some Very Fake Looking Boobs

What is that I see? A sliver of plastic boob? Oh no. I think that fake boobs on very skinny women look bad, because they do not have enough body fat to cover the implant adequately so that they appear real. Thin women should get small breast implants that fit their frame.

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Kanye's Mom Dies From Plastic Surgery Complications

Kanye West’s mother died from plastic surgery complication over the weekend. Read more at TMZ.com. It is believed she died on the table or just after surgery. T Was Kanye’s mom a high risk patient? Does anyone know who did the surgery? Where did she die? Please email any info you have to media — [...]

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Harry Potter Author Looks Overdone

After reading this article stating the following about Harry Potter author, JK Rowling: She has gone from what can only be described as a “normal” looking woman in her 40s to a strange caricature of herself with wonky eyes and lips. I decided to do some research into how the famous writer may have changed [...]

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Ciara and the stripper boobs

Is it my imagination or do Ciara’s breasts look like bolt on stripper / porn star breasts? They are totally round and do not have a natural hang. In the photo on the right, she is lying on her side, therefore, her breasts should be smushed together instead of spaced apart. I suppose stripper appeal [...]

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Alyssa Milano Threatens AwfulPlasticSurgery.com

Alyssa Milano has sicced her legal eagles on this site claiming: The article that you wrote for your home page shows a “before and after” picture allegedly demonstrating that my client had botox treatments between the time when those photographs were taken. This is, of course, false and, as you know, without any foundation. The [...]

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