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Why ruin a pair of perfect breasts?

Why ruin a perfect pair of breasts? Apollonia (she played Prince’s love interest in Purple Rain) now has a pair of stripper breasts. They look too large for her frame and just make her appear cheap. I did hear that she had been living in Las Vegas for a few years, so maybe that is [...]

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Does Tara Reid Have Chiclet Teeth

Does Tara Reid have chiclet teeth? She showed up at the opening of an Ed Hardy store flashing some bright white teeth that just do not look real. She has always had a nice smile, but now that she has allowed the camera very close, her teeth can be examined up close. To me, they [...]

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What happened to Sandra Denton?

Sandra Denton is one half of the 80s rap duo, Salt n Pepa. The group currently has a reality show on VH1. Sandra has been appearing suspiciously ‘different’ since the first episode, but no media outlets noticed since the group’s heyday was so far in the past. But, I noticed! Her eyes look totally different [...]

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Ashley Tisdale Announces Rhinoplasty

High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale recently announced that she was having a nose job to correct a ‘deviated septum’. Um, sure. Anyway, I personally do not think that her nose is natural. Because her bridge is so straight, I think that her nose has been worked on before and that this surgery is secondary [...]

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Top Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs Body Philosophy counts down the top ten worst celebrity boob jobs. Awful Plastic Surgery all stars Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, and Lil Kim make the list!

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