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The Worst Butt Implants Ever

These are butt implants gone awry. The subject is rather thin and the implants selected for her rear end are too large. Her butt implants look freakish. At least the implants were positioned naturally, but ill-suited her frame

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Do you think Princess Madeline Has Breast Implants?

Above is Princess Madeline of Swede. A few years ago, she wore a very chest baring dress to a royal event. A bit too revealing for a state event, in my opinion. Anyway, I think she has breast implants. Her breasts look too round and firm to be real. Princess Madeline Breast Implant Poll Do [...]

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Skeletor With Breast Implants

A nice reader sent us this photo. It is apparently a female (I think) of a certain age with some very very saggy implanted breasts. Breast implants do not look good inside a chest that has already been ravaged by age. A breast lift was definitely in order, in this case, before breast implants were [...]

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Barbie Boobs Can't Save A Marriage

Tracy Edmonds appears to have added some rather large assets to her chest (breast augmentation anyone?) Lol. Eddie still dumped her two weeks after their commitment ceremony. Remember ladies, stripper breast implants are not the key to happiness nor relationship longevity.

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Does Justin Timberlake Really Kiss These Lips

Does Justin Timberlake really enjoy kissing these huge, possibly collagen filled lips? I pity the the fool. This appears to be lip plumping overload. Maybe Stevie Wonder would believe those to be her real lips, but the sighted definitely would be inclined to feel otherwise. Quack, quack, Jessica. Oh, and if any medical professionals are [...]

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Plastic Surgery Abroad

One new trend in plastic surgery is having procedures done in foreign countries for a fraction of the cost. Costa Rica has become a popular destination for plastic surgery seekers. Personally, I would be wary. Watch this video on the subject. It is interesting to see how confident the prospective patients are regarding how they [...]

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How To Get Free Breast Implants

Finally, there is website that will enable a woman to get free breast implants. It is called If you decide to use the site to increase your bust size, don’t get the trashy stripper sized set. Watch a brief video about the company.

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Plastic Surgery Without Going Under The Knife!

Do you want plastic surgery, but can’t afford it or hate the idea of surgery or both? Check out this video which offers tips on makeup techniques which simulate plastic surgery. The makeup artist on the video is Eve Pearl.

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Another Skinny Mini With Stripper Breast Implants

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife decided to install some new, um, improvements judging from these photos. Unfortunately, they are stripper sized and just look trashy. She is tall and thin; a smaller, more realistic would have looked much better. Now, she just looks like a very thin woman with grapefruits shoved in her chest. Yippee, go [...]

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Heidi Montag Has Trout Pout And A Milk Mustache

Heidi Montag not only has an obnoxious trout pout. She also has what looks like milk mustache. Why is there a white ring around her lips? Is the glare from the flash? Or is a reaction to an injection? This is what it looks like to me she had done. She had white roll augmentation [...]

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