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The Hollow Eyes of Barbara Walters

Ahh..the hollow eyes of Barbara Walters. I’m sure she prides herself at being a very young looking senior citizen, but in reality she looks like someone desperately clinging to what she feels looks like youth. Take for instance her brow. Her eyes have a very hollowed out look. Granted, her eyes are not sagging, but [...]

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Remember when Eva Longoria was strikingly beautiful?

Remember when Eva Longoria was strikingly beautiful rather than just pretty? I do, I do. She’s gone from fresh faced to looking ‘overly done’. It looks like her face has gotten fatter even though the rest of her body is still very slim. In some photos, it looks like she has trouble moving her face, [...]

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Traci Bingham Goes Overboard

Traci Bingham looks way overdone these days. Three years ago, she appeared to be in the process of refining her look. Her makeup was less ‘bimbo’ and she had an elegant updo. Now, it 2008, she seems to have gone in a wilder direction. It looks like she has a new set of larger breast [...]

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Meet Bianca Gascoigne

Meet Bianca Gascoigne (I’ll bet you thought she was British glamour model Jordan). Bianca is a big breasted daughter of a legendary british football player. She parlayed her family name and connections into countrywide fame in the UK by enhancing her chest from a mere A cup side to a massive D cup. Not a [...]

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Avril Lavigne Is So Punk Rock, Not!

Avril Lavigne wants us to think she is just so punk rock. Yeah, it is really punk rock to get what looks like a healthy huge set of breast implants. She has gone from being flat chested (no breasts at all really), to packing a huge pair of headlights. I suppose when your music sells

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Heidi Fleiss Is Scary

This is what happens to your face when you try to peel, pull, cut, or inflate various body parts back to what they looked like when you were 25 years old. Total fright. Heidi Fleiss has joined the scary celebrities club. Her lips are so inflated that her lip line has disappeared.

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Brittany Murphy's Upper Lip Stung By A Bee

Brittany Murphy’s upper lip was stung by either an angry bee or a needle filled with far too much lip collagen. Or maybe she was in an unfortunate scuffle where she was smacked in the mouth. My money is on the needle filled with lip collagen. Which ever it is, the end result is scary. [...]

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What the hell is going on here?

What the hell is going on here? Sandra Bernhard was not hot to start with, she is at best what the French call jolie-laide, which roughly translates to ‘oddly attractive though not conventionally beautiful’. Her cheeks look larger and her brow is much tighter. The larger cheeks do not work, because her eyes are naturally [...]

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Yes, there is hope for Paris Hilton's Lazy Eye

Paris Hilton obviously has a lazy eye. The correct term for her condition is amblyopia. For many years, it has been believed that if the condition is not corrected when the subject is young, it can never be fixed, however, researchers have found otherwise. Therapy using a computer screen can teach people affected with amblyopia [...]

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Britt Eklund – not aging naturally

In her heyday, Britt Eklund was quite the babe. She appeared in a James Bond movie and even dated Rod Stewart. Now, she appears to be staggering towards disaster. She has fish lips and an overly ‘awake’ look around her eyes. Time and time again, I’ve said that overly inflated lips are not sexy. In [...]

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