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Kidman's Bodyguard Beats Up Photographer

Botox Gone Wild, Nicole Kidman March 18th, 2008

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman‘s bodyguard, David Garris, beat up a photographer last week. You can read the whole story, along with videos and photos, at, click here. On this site, Kidman is best known for looking like she has had literally every body part surgically altered (rhinoplasty, browlift, breast implants, the list is pretty endless).

If you watch the video on the site, it looks like David Garris actually pulls into an alley of some sort in order to stop his car, get out, and beat up the guy, so that it could not really be seen in plain view. This guy is a professional bodyguard (trained in hurting people) and that action is a pretty good indicator that the beat down was premeditated.

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