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Is Lara Flynn Boyle Ill?

I previously posted about Lara Flynn Boyle with regard to my thoughts on her altered appearance. Now, I’m not so sure. Could her strange look be caused by illness and not a surgeon’s knife? Her face looks very swollen. Many steroid medications cause this side effect. Also, her mouth looks incredibly strange. Did she have [...]

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Janice Dickinson Before And After

Janice Dickinson is very proud of her various plastic surgeries and use of Botox, although I believe the sheer number of procedures she has had merely make her look older, especially when she is wearing makeup and attempting to ‘smile’ on the red carpet. As you can see, she had naturally well defined bee stung [...]

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Actress spotted trying to hide surgeried nose

Actress Vera Farmiga was spotted by BuzzFoto with a bruised nose and hiding under a hat and sunshades while out in Beverly Hills the other day. She speedily rushed into a nearby office building and later was seen exiting at the same pace. Check out her bruised nose at BuzzFoto. She was once quoted as [...]

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Megan Fox Dips Into The Well Again

Megan Fox continues to channel Angelina Jolie by having suspiciously plumped up lips. Listen ladies, fish lips are not sexy. How do you know when you have too much collagen in your lips? When the cupid’s bow of your upper lip vanishes without a trace.

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Latoya Is Scary, But We Already Knew That

Latoya Jackson is a scary celebrity. We already knew that, but I am happy to announce she has made the top ten most scary celebrities list. She is way over 50, but definitely insists on pulling, peeling, and carving her face into a permanently ‘youthful’ mask.

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Priscilla Presley Allegedly Has Silicone In Her Face

In a story titled ‘Priscilla Presley Victim of Phony Cosmetic Doc‘, alleges that Priscilla Presley was the treated by a quack who injected her face will silicone. In a New York Times story, silicone injected into skin was described as ‘a time bomb’, because of the possibility of delayed reactions 1 to 25 years [...]

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Donatella Smiles

Donatella Versace rarely smiles. This photo of her smiling was sent in. Amazing isn’t it? It must’ve been a Botox free day. She is normally very wooden faced.

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Madonna Tightens Up

Do you think someone tightened up their face here with botox and plastic surgery? I would not be surprised. She was looking pretty haggard about 10 years ago and now, her face is smooth and waxen, nary a wrinkle to be seen.

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Priscilla Presley

I just received an email claiming that Priscilla Presley was on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and that ‘she has gone from a beautiful woman to a freak’. Previously, I had suspected that she had lip collagen, cheek implants, a face lift, and a myriad of other anti-aging surgeries. Here are photos of Priscilla over the [...]

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Audrina Patridge's Breasts Exposed

Nude photos of Hills reality tv star Audrina Partridge have surfaced. Surprisingly, they are altered, but in a nice way. Click here to read more.

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