A sample of the letters I get

Here’s a sample of some of the letters I get:

NBC kept advertising that Lara Flynn Boyle was on the new episode of Law & Order that aired last night (3/12/08). I was about a 1/2 hour or so in before I realized who she was. Her eyes and forehead look the same, but her chin line and mouth are massively changed.

Please put her up if you can find the pictures, it is seriously crazy.

I was watching last night’s airing of Law and Order: Criminal Intent last night. Lara Flynn Boyle was a guest star. As I watched, I was transfixed by her face but not in a good way.

She used to be gaunt and overly thin, chiseled. But her lips were huge and her face seemed swollen from under her eyes to her chin.

Do you have any insight?

I saw Steve Guttenberg on Dancing with the Stars – what is wrong with his eyes? Is that a bad brow lift?

This is Lara on Law and Order a few weeks ago, she appears over one minute into the video.

Kidman’s Bodyguard Beats Up Photographer

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman‘s bodyguard, David Garris, beat up a photographer last week. You can read the whole story, along with videos and photos, at Flynetonline.com, click here. On this site, Kidman is best known for looking like she has had literally every body part surgically altered (rhinoplasty, browlift, breast implants, the list is pretty endless).

If you watch the video on the site, it looks like David Garris actually pulls into an alley of some sort in order to stop his car, get out, and beat up the guy, so that it could not really be seen in plain view. This guy is a professional bodyguard (trained in hurting people) and that action is a pretty good indicator that the beat down was premeditated.

Kristin Davis Shocker

via Egotastic.com

I was just sent a story and photos of what looks like Kristin Davis (of the tv show and upcoming film, Sex and the City) performing a naughty act on a male member. I believe the photos are real. The little implant on the tip of the nose in the naughty photo is very, very similar to the one Kristin has in real life. It would be hard to find a double with so many other similarities to Kristin as well.

Is this a stunt to promote the movie version of Sex and the City? Was Kristin perhaps paid a promotional fee to do this to get publicity for the film? I haven’t seen her in anything since the series ended. Maybe she needed the money.

Joan Van Ark Is Scary

I have received a huge number of emails about actress Joan Van Ark. She was best known for appearing on ‘Knots Landing’ and now she is best known for being scary looking. Most of the email I have received about her ask,’What happened to her face, her skin looks weird.’ I agree that her skin does look weird and it is probably the result of being pulled too tightly and experiencing too much sun. I genuinely do not believe that a face lift can remove sun damage. Also, I think that makeup more suited to someone her age would look better. A better choice would have been a nice powder foundation rather than creme foundation, because it has a tendency to look better on older sun ravaged skin. She should also use lipstick and lip liner, because her lips are pretty invisible with the current color palette she is using.

joan van ark

joan van ark

joan van ark

Lara Flynn Boyle – What happened?

I’ve been barraged with emails about actress Lara Flynn Boyle after she recently appeared on TV (Law and Order). The main complaint was there there was ‘something wrong with her cheeks’ and ‘she did something to her lower face’. So I decided to investigate.

Okay, it does look like something is different with her cheeks, as if she got cheek implants to make her face look full and youthful. But as the saying goes, you can’t pull, peel, or carve your way back to the age of 20.

Lara was an attractive girl to start with, so why all the ‘facial changes’? Maybe she was trying too hard for the film stardom that continually alluded her. Her nose and lips look different than the set she started out with.

But was the new nose, lips, extremely low weight, dating Jack Nicholson (old enough to be her dad and then some) etc worth it for what she’s gotten out of Hollywood? She still is not a movie star and is best known for being that really skinny woman from a tv show.

Is Eliot Spitzer’s escort Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?


Ashley Youman attempted to make herself even more attractive (what she started out with was not shabby) by getting rhinoplasty and breast implants. But, is she hot enough to be paid $1000 an hour for her time? Apparently, Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York thought so! You decide!!

Is Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?
Is Ashley Alexandre Dupre aka Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?


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