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OT – Can you spare a few thousand dollars to pay somebody else's mortgage?

News May 8th, 2008

This is totally off topic but important. Can you spare a few thousand dollars to pay somebody else’s mortgage? Fiscally responsible Americans like myself cannot and should not be forced to pay for someone else’s lack of responsibility (I rent a small studio apartment in Los Angeles in a low income area; at night, drug dealers and prostitutes roam the local main street. ). These people lied on their loan applications or signed up for loans without reading the terms. Please visit these links to find out how to stop this shameful gouging of middle class finances to bail out irresponsible people!

House Rep Barney Frank of Massachusetts created a 2.7 billion dollar bill that was passed by the House today to help out these financial dead beats! Give him a call at his many offices:

(202) 225-5931
(617) 332-3920
(508) 999-6462
(508) 822-4796

He also has email! Click here!

Get informed on this issue. This act sends out the message that US citizens ARE NOT responsible for debts that they create.

Angry Renter

Stop the Subprime Bailout

No Bail Out dot org

No Mortgage Bail Out dot com

Mortgage bailout just makes it worse

A video by the Angry Renter.

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