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The Man With The Collagen Filled Lips

Ian Benardo is a two time reality show reject; first from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and then he was shown the door at ‘American Idol’ auditions. The most compelling fact about him are his scarily plumped lips. Yes, he is a man with trout pout. Look at the video youurself! Another trout pout [...]

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Madonna Looks Scary

Madonna looks scary. She is desperately trying to turn back time and miserably failing. A source says that she is going to extreme measures to maintain her appearance. He claims that Madonna had her eyes operated on by a Los Angeles doctor named Michael Groth, an ophthalmologist who only does eyelid surgery. Dr. Groth has [...]

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Caught – Charlize Theron!

Looks like someone may have been caught making alterations to their face. Guess who it is? Click here. For someone her age, the plastic surgery in question may seem drastic to some.

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When Your Fiance Is 21, You Want To Look 21 Too!

When your fiance is over a decade your junior, you want to look younger too. Just ask Brian Austin Green, who is the significant other (and maybe for not much longer) of actress Megan Fox. Brian Austin Green is 34. In the real world, that is not old, but in Hollywood, it is where the [...]

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Jack, No!!!

I’ve always liked actor Jack Wagner, even before he was on the tv show, Melrose Place. Now, it looks like he’s gone and gotten a ‘refreshed’ face recently. The new trend in making people look younger via plastic surgery is revitalizing the middle third of the face (the area from the nose to the mouth [...]

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He paid to look like this

Yes, he’s human and one of Mexico’s leading fashion stylists. Unfortunately, he looks like a plastuc surgery addict. I think he’s had numerous aggressive plastic surgeries: a few face lifts, an brow lift, hair implants, and a very obvious nose job. Then there is the issue of his lips. Most men do not have full [...]

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Kidman Less Scary Looking Now Pregnant

Nicole Kidman is less scary looking now that she is pregnant. Whatever she was doing to her face before to cause ‘bat brow’ appears to have stopped. High eyebrows do not arch as high. Click here to see Nicole. Unfortunately, her lips still look like little stuffed sausages.

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Marissa Miller – Yes They Are Fake

One of the biggest myths ever in my opinion is regarding the status of model Marissa Miller’s chest. I genuinely believe her breasts are fake. Why? They have that shiny look that all breast implants have due to the silicone bags inside. Then there are older photos of Marissa where her breasts look smaller. Her [...]

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Update on skeletor with the fake boobs

Remember the photo of skeletor with the fake boobs? I received an email from a reader who claims to know the person in the photo and she offered a plausible explanation for the woman’s appearance. Hey there I just looked through the January 08 pics and found a lady I know there. You have titeled [...]

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Is Halle Berry going bald?

Is Halle Berry going bald? Or is it her hair falling out after having a baby? Or is from too many hair extensions (I don’t believe that all that hair is hers, it is very full and looks like very expensive individual hair extensions to me)?

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