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The Kissable Lips of Kim Vo

Kim Vo is featured on a Bravo reality show and is also a celebrity hair stylist (see his work on Britney). After watching the show, it is obvious that he knows hair, but definitely does not know plastic surgery. Check out his lips. They are stuffed with fillers and have a distorted shape. Finally, [...]

Recently arrested NYC escort agency owner, Kristin ‘Billie’ Davis, is pretty scary looking in un-airbushed photos. She has a very plastic looking face. Her nose looks very operated on (the bridge is super straight), her lips are huge (stuffed with lip implants or too much collagen), her cheeks are too tight, and her eyes pull [...]

The Brigitte Nielsen trainwreck continues as she promotes a live tv program that will show her undergoing plastic surgery.
Brigitte does not need plastic surgery. If you look at photos of her from the 80s and now, it is obvious that her main problem is sun damage, because of her skin’s texture. Nipping and tucking her [...]

Sara Gilbert is one of the more likable Hollywood actresses. She doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on the red carpet like a desperate famewhore. She can actually act.
What is baffling is her nose that looks shaved down. Why, Sara, why? You don’t need it.
In the first photo, her nose looks natural. In [...]

Cindy Margolis first became a celebrity when her bikini photos were featured on the then new America Online in the mid 90s. Since then, she has wandered through an aborted talk show, a myriad of appearances on tv where she played herself, and really, not much else. Her claim to fame is her physical appearance [...]

Meet hairstylist Sergey Zverev

No, this is not a lost member of the rock group Poison. He is a Russian hairstylist named Sergey Zverev, who has had what looks like a series of alterations over the years. His nose is now a carved tube with two prominent holes. Take a look at his lips; he has enough pout in [...]