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The Wacky Eyes of Kiersten Warren

I vaguely remember actress Kiersten Warren from the tv show, ‘Saved By The Bell’ where she played an AC Slater love interest. She was pretty ingenue then with great eyes. Now, her eyes look wacky, like Jocleyn Wildenstein’s (she’s the cat lady). Her eyes are pulled upwards super tight and appear ‘cat like’.

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Vivica Fox's deflated lips

Vivica A Fox has seriously deflated looking lips. Its as if they were stretch out of their natural shape. A while ago, Ms. Fox was pegged as having ‘trout pout’, i.e. overly inflated lips. I believe she’s literally ‘put down the (collagen filled) needle’ and is going back to normal, but her lips are damaged [...]

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Charlotte Perrelli fugs it up

Charlotte Perrelli won Eurovision in 1999 under the name Charlotte Nilsson singing the song ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’. She was 24 years old at the time. In 2008, she entered the Eurovision contest in her native Sweden yet again and looking very different. There was talk among her fans that she had plastic surgery. [...]

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Delta Goodrem – Yes, we have the before photos

Photos of of Australian singer Delta Goodrem reveal her to be a good looking girl. However, she started out as an average looking girl with a larger nose, flatter face, and regular teeth. The transformation of Delta Goodrem has been spectacular. She has perfect teeth, round cheeks, and a sleek nose.  Delta is only 21 [...]

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Jennie Garth looks different part deux

Looking at new photos of Jennie Garth, I realized that she had changed more than I initially thought. Her nose is not as wide as it used to be. The nostrils definitely appear smaller as does the bridge of her nose. And of course, her eyes, which used to turn down at the corners, look [...]

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The Kevin Costner Doll Hair Look!

Check out Kevin Costner’s hair. It was receding pretty badly at one point and seems to have miraculously grown back. I suppose we can attribute that to the powers of having a hot young wife more than 20 years your junior (sort of like at ‘at home fountain of youth’). Other men with receding hairlines [...]

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Yes, Megan's Boobs Look Fake

Megan Fox has some seriously fake looking boobs. Last year, she basically had pecs for breasts, now she’s got these round mounds. Oh sure, Megan, we all think they are real. If I had to guess, her breasts are probably filled with saline and not silicone, because they hang weird.

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Paul Mc Cartney no longer sleepy eyed

Paul Mc Cartney was the Beatle with the sweetly, sleepy puppy dog eyes. As he aged, his eyes sagged a bit, but he still looked cute. His face sagged too, but he still looked pretty good. Look at him now! His eyes look like they have been hollowed out by some Dr. Frankenstein type surgeon. [...]

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More of Jennie Garth's new look

Jennie Garth is popping up around Tinsel Town events looking quite startled. It is big change from the girl next door everyone knew from the original Beverly Hills 90210. The  biggest issue I have with her new look is that her forehead does not move and her eyes look strange. Also the skin around her [...]

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Eric Carmen has scary eyes

80s singer Eric Carmen was arrested for a DUI a few days ago while driving and sipping a bottle of Grey Goose; he looked awful! I don’t think alcohol is to blame in this case. Eric looks like a Monchichi doll. His look as if they are being pulled back to his ears. His cheeks [...]

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